In pursuing our mission, we have 3 categories of events.


This phase includes discussions on how the legislative system is built, outlining the legislative process and discussing the construct of the system (The house, the Senate, and the president and his/her veto power). It also includes a brief overview of the history of the major parties and their founding beliefs as well as where the congress currently stands (who is the majority, who are the current major political figures, and what are currently the biggest points of dispute. 




This phase seeks to engage the Democrat, Republican, and Debate Club and have them collaborate to construct debate. The goal of this is to sharpen the critical thinking skills of individuals by having them test their beliefs through the practice of honest debate. With a framework similar to the presidential debates, the clubs will debate in both primary and bipartisan debates. This will emulate real politics and promote students to take a stance and defend their stance.



2016 Election Fair

The final phase is to use what was learned in the previous two phases and apply them to the real world. The mechanism by which this would be done is through a proposal of a 2016 Presidential Political Awareness Day. This might encompass an entire daylong event in the spring of 2016 where some real politicians (and perhaps even real presidential candidates!) come spend a day at PHS to share their experiences with the students and motivate and inspire students even more to partake in their duty as a citizen to vote.