Mammals vs Arthropods: a Comparison


Cells of the innate Immune System

Intracellular Communication




- Macrophages
- Dendritic Cells
- Natural Killer Cells
- Eosinophils
Has Adaptive Immunity
- B1 Lymphocytes
- γδ T cells

- Cytokines

- Formation of Granulomas
- Direct destruction via NK-cells and T-cells/

- Same as Arthropods
- But: have a broader variety of receptors to detect pathogens
But: Can use complement system and antibodies for opsonization to increase efficacy.


- Plasmatocytes
- Lamellocytes
- Crystal Cells
- Granulocytes
- Primitive Lymphocytes
NO Adaptive Immunutiy
- BUT: Can have Innate Cells with Specificity.

- Non-equivalent set of glycoproteins    (ie: Plasmatocyte Spreading Pepetide)

- Surround Pathogen with lamellocytes and initiate melanization Cascade

- Phagosome and Lysosome fusion to form phagolysosome
- Destruction using ROIs